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Who I am

Photography is my passion, my life.

As a fourtheen year old boy, I received my first analog camera from my father. He taught me the magic triangle, the all-you-need to know. In those days, you needed still a seperate light meter, but things have changed.

Thirty-five years later, I am still into photography, still curieus to "write with light"

“Great struggles make for great stories.” Sanober Khan says, and that's exactly what I do, every day I think of new ideas I want to photograph, every day I try to do new things.

Hope you enjoy my work.

Tom De Pryck


How I work

As a conceptional portret photographer (the type of photography that illustrates an idea), we start with a conversation: what you believe... what is important for you... how you see things... Not the everyday "take pictures for two hours". At the end, it needs to be something you and I believe in, that's my main goal.


An impression of my Work

More foto's

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